Timo Call. PErsonal Trainer.

"I decided to become a personal trainer in order to motivate people and accompany them during their change processes."

"I know that everyone is capable of feeling this way."


As a child, I was not very sporty, but I liked exercise and always wanted to be good at what I do – no! I even wanted to be the best! When I was finally satisfied with myself and my performance and started getting recognition by others, this felt so good that I wanted others to experience this, too. I know that everyone is capable of feeling this way.


I enjoy facing challenges and never went for the easy way as I always wanted to progress. After my university degree in fitness management I left my home town Aachen and came to Munich in 2008, aged 23. At the age of 30, I became a self-employed personal trainer and now work with both private clients and globally renowned companies.

" I believe that a fit body alone does not make you healthy."


On the water I can switch off and relax. I forget everything around me and immerse into another world. I believe that a fit body alone does not make you healthy. For this reason I also trained to become a stress management and mental trainer. Bringing body and soul into harmony means feeling at home in one’s own body and being at peace with oneself.


The best thing, however, is not that my clients are grateful but rather that I have their partners tell me that our training is a real gain for their relationship – and for their life.

 "I do not regard myself as the typical trainer but rather as a coach"


In all my years as a personal trainer I have learnt a lot. I recognize that each and every client has his or her own needs and that these may even differ from one week to the other. Therefore, I do not regard myself as the typical trainer but rather as a coach, adapting to my clients’ daily form, their mood and their condition in every single training session instead of pushing them through a predetermined plan.


I live what I teach my clients. I love my life, and I think it would be a shame to feel uncomfortable and unwell in the one life we have. Saying that I love my life also means that I like to live, which for me involves pleasure, too.

"I witness the changes in their aura and their self-confidence."


For me, pleasure includes relaxation. My days always start with a hot drink. I enjoy the stillness, the fresh air, the cosiness and calm of early mornings – this gives me energy for the day.


Why I became a personal trainer? I am blessed to see each and every day what happens when people start to feel at home again in their bodies. When they can wear all those shirts and trousers they love again. I witness the changes in their aura and their self-confidence.


The greatest gift for me? Having someone tell me that saying “yes” to working with me as a trainer has been the best decision ever and that he or she is proud of the results we have achieved together. I am proud, too.



  • University degree in fitness management (DHfPG)
  • Personal Trainer (DHfPG)
  • Athletic Coach (Deutsche Trainer Akademie)
  • Functional Trainer (Deutsche Trainer Akademie)
  • Fascial Trainer (Deutsche Trainer Akademie)
  • Mental trainer sports (IST)
  • Stress management consultant (Wiblishauser-Seminare)
  • Nutrition consultant (DHfPG)
  • TRX – Instructor (Transatlantic Fitness)
  • Trainer for sport rehabilitation (DHfPG)
  • Occupational health management specialist (DHfPG)