PErsonal Training. Just  the thing for you!

Do you believe you can make a change? Me too!

I witness every day how people begin to feel comfortable in their own bodies, how their aura changes and they become more self-confident.


You will change in:

  • your looks
  • your attitude
  • your nutrition
  • your health


What appeals to me the most is that we intensify your training during every session such that you make significant progress and still think: "I can do that and I’m having fun." I will adapt a programme according to your personality and gradually ease you out of your comfort zone. 

You will gain strength in:

  • your physique
  • your self-confidence
  • your self-esteem
  • your soul

The greatest gift: Having someone tell me that saying “yes” to working with me as a trainer has been the best decision ever and that he or she is proud of the results we have achieved together. I am proud, too.

You will feel happier:

  • in your skin
  • in your clothes
  • in your relationship
  • in in your life

I decided to become a personal trainer in order to accompany people during their change processes. I want you to be comfortable in your own skin. For me, the "personal" part is almost more important than the "trainer". I totally focus on the person with whom I am going to spend the next hour. My intention is to motivate you in an optimum way. I will be by your side, I want you to have fun and to know that I am there for you. Last but not least to prevent your weaker self from taking control.

I will help you to:

  • conquer your weaker self
  • fight your problem zones
  • relieve your pain
  • keep your objective in view
  • finally feel good again


Impressions: Personal Training in Munich

I coach at the following gyms in Munich:

body + soul Center Englischer Garten

Ungererstraße 175

80805 München

body + soul Brunnthal

Eugen-Sänger-Ring 5

85649 Brunnthal

body + soul Center Trudering

Kreillerstraße 215

81825 München

body + soul Center Werk12

Speicherstraße 20

81671 München